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Sunday, February 3, 2013

A great video that shows the gorgeous Caribbean Sea. 

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Thursday, December 6, 2012

St. John's Weather is Niiiice!

How is that cold weather treating you? Rough. I know. There aren't many places in the US of A that offer a great get-a-way any time of the year. The US Virgin Islands are the most ideal. 

It is tropical. It is beautiful. The weather is awesome. I know that there is a soft spot for snow and "Dreaming about a White Christmas" during the holidays...But try singing that song after shoveling snow off your car day after day...after day...after day.

Try a tropical holiday...or just get out of the cold. Here are some five day forecasts around the US:

New York - 36º

Chicago - 46º

Try guavaberries instead of holly berries. One of those tastes great. One of them is toxic (Holly berries are toxic if that wasn't clear).

If you need any sort of rationalization to take the vacation besides "IT'S COLD OUT!", "I'M FREEZING," or "I think I remember when the sun looks like," know this: warm weather is good for you. This is according to research done out of University of Michigan. But I'm not sure you needed a scientific study to confirm that one. Wonder why U of M was doing a research on warm weather? I wonder what their weather is like...

Detroit - 37º

YIKES! That's cold.

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And remember: one love, one life...and GET OUT OF THE COLD! Brrrr...

Thursday, November 15, 2012


Here is a stunning video of a rare crab migration that was filmed on St. John. We are not sure what remote beach this took place on but that's because there are so many beautiful, remote beaches. But don't worry travelers. This occurrence is very, very, very rare. St. John has a wonderful assortment of wild life and hermit crabs are included. On day hikes you will see a dozen if you are looking for them. Nothing like this.

Here's a little secret...They are more scared of you, then you are of them.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Video Slide Show Now Up

Here is a video slide show now up on youtube. It shows stunning photos of the villa. Check it out!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Our Honeymoon in the USVI

From the minute our boat docked on St. John packing our suitcases, our honeymoon will be cherished in our hearts forever. The smallest of the three U.S. Virgin Islands, we could not have selected a better place to spend our time. Mark and I underwent a tumultuous filled engagement. We weathered the ups and downs that culminated in a wonderful wedding day, followed by a much needed vacation.

Ferry Dock
The intimate feel of St. John, combined with the surrounding beauty and wide array of outdoor adventures was exactly what we needed.   Close enough to the heart of town but secluded enough to feel like we were in our own private paradise, Arco Iris was the ideal honeymoon location. Said to boast one of the best private pools on the island and full of all amenities we could ask for, including the latest technology, there were times we didn’t want to leave this home. Said to boast one of the best private pools on the island and full of all amenities we could ask for, we immediately felt comfortable at Arco Iris.
Whether is was relaxing on the patio reading in the hammock or enjoying breakfast against a backdrop of unrivaled beauty, there is an ultimate solitude here that invites a self reflection difficult to find in the hustle and bustle of city life.

Private Pool
Throughout the week, Mark and I took in everything St. John had to offer. The Reef Bay trail, while strenuous on the way back, was incredible.  Along the way we spotted deer, hermit crabs, and a fascinating window into the past in turn of the century plantation ruins. The end of the hike ended at one of St. John’s most prized beaches. With its seclusion and sheer beauty we didn’t want to leave. Perfectly preserved Petroglyphs and mongoose sightings sightings gave us more St. John excitement.  

Reef Bay Trail - Bring your hiking boots!
We explored the charming shops of Mongoose Junction, snorkeled Trunk Bay and even survived our first grocery shopping trip together at Starfish market conviently located minutes away from St. John.   We encountered signature island hospitality everywhere. At Hospitality Car Rental, Thomas gave us warm and friendly service, promptly arranging our SUV and allowing us to park in his driveway while we enjoyed dinner on a patio overlooking the street below, bustling with local St. John life. To our surprise the local animals were as diverse and friendly as the people. From the roadside donkey’s eagerness to offer us their head for petting or a treat, or the reluctance of an iguana to remove his tail from under our car tire (he was on island time and couldn’t be bothered to be moved while soaking in the rays.) We will never forget the laughs and memories of the St. John’s petting zoo.  

He didn't want to move...
Our day trip to the British Virgin Islands captured just the right amount of instant relaxation and Caribbean adventure. Having been to both the Spanish and French Riveria, the Cote de Azure and Costa Brava has nothing on the underwater sea life of the Virgin Gorda. In between mimosas and exploring the British Baths, we stopped for a delicious lunch on gloriously isolated island with one restaurant. The wait staff here, hailing from London to New Zealand, were as international as they were attractive. 

The Baths
During our trip we traded stories with Wisconsin newlyweds, mingled with North Varolina spring breakers, and watched a boozy nomad named Monica quicken the pulse of the captain as she swam to a distant shore. The captain pointed out the mansions of celebrities high above the sea as we made our way to our final destination, rated the best beach in the Carribbean, White Bay on the tiny island of Yost Van Dyke exceeded our expectations.  The famed island where Corona commercials are shot, this stunning beach was truly paradise. 

Each day after our island escapades, we looked forward to returning home to Arco Iris. The owner’s artwork embedded throughout gave this house a special touch and there is nothing like a morning shower while gazing out at the stunning scenery.  Whatever brings you to this magical Island, it will live in your hearts forever and Arco Iris will its combination of comprehensive amenities and seclusion are among the best accommodations for your St. John adventures.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Arco Iris - To Make Something Out of Nothing

“You come into the world with nothing, and the purpose of your life is to make something out of nothing.”
- H.L.  Mencken
Arco Iris was built on the beautiful island of St. John in the United States Virgin Islands. Ester and Roy purchased a plot of land on this small island. The lot of land was covered in tropical brush that covers most of the island. The villa is a spectacular vacation home which was a labor of love (especially for Ester). The island itself allows for wonderful adventures on land and sea.

The island itself is 19.61 square miles and the local population is just over 4,000 people.  The majority of the island is the Virgin Islands National Park which protects the wildlife, plants, and trees. This keeps the island a tropical paradise with spectacular views. The island is divided into four subdistricts: Central, Coral Bay, Cruz Bay, and East End. Majority of the islands inhabitants live in Cruz Bay.

The lot of land was covered in tropical brush as shown in the photos. The brush was cleared out to create this two-story villa. It took 18 months for the villa to be built. Workers were brought in from the neighboring islands to work on this vacation home. This was no small feat. The land is located on a hill which creates breath taking views of the ocean but makes it very difficult to build. Ester took many trips to St. John to make sure that the building would be completed. Often "Island Time" can interfere with work time.

After several years of construction, Arco Iris was ready the finishing touches. The foundation was ready and the interior was ready to be designed, painted, and furnished. The next post will show the intricacies of the interior and the original murals that make Arco Iris one of a kind.